About Me :D

AbOut M:D

*I do i really love this picture*winki :D

    Hello, Hello, Hello 
     soo where should we start ?

DEFINE Adda Shada Hassan ?
*yes name given :D

Short ?
*Sue or Adda oke ?

How young are you?

*18 already

When ?
*25 Mac 1993 
Have you take a note ?
Your was born ?
*I was born thursday :D
i don't know what time , haha
Where ?
*Hospital Besar Taiping, Perak
Your live ?
*Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia :DD  
Your birthday will be fall on thursday
and your wish ?
*I won't tell you LOL
    it really personal *wink   
If your have a genie ?
*I will repeat everything xoxo    

Mean happy life for you ?
*Aww , give me a minute 
hmmm life it all about all around us :D
Are your happy with your life ?
*Definitely yes 
I think it like roller coester :D  
Your wishlist?

1) marrying Yamada Ryosuke soon  2) FA :D
3) meeting youu :D

Studying or Working ?

Your Victim ?
*totally spm victim ;(

What are you listening right now ?
Baby by Justin Bieber 
*i listen this song 50 times 
everyday woahh 

Are You Single, Taken, or Crushing? 
*I already taken by Yamada Ryosuke ouchh :D
Your first love let your down ?
*it kinda personal :D 
Will your marry your first crush ?
*Yes , yes 
   I will :D 
Someone admirer your ?
*I don't know
you youu ? haha :D   
Where your want to go ?
*Japan :D
*Disneyworld lalala ~
You have brother and sister ?
*Of course i have 
5 brother and 2 sister
woahh i love you guys :DD
What Make Your Feel More Better ?
*cry cry and cry
What Make Your Feel Sad ?
*Yamada have marrying somebody huhh ;(

Your fall in love colour ?
*white :)
pep says it pure , haha

Your Will Choose Vanilla, Chocolate or Stawbery ?
*I will choose Valatebery , haha 

What make Your Feel Appriacate ?
huhh ? someone says thanks :D
Your Daydream ?
*Ouchh , Yamada propose me , HAHA !
it kinda crazy :D
If your give choose who your want to be ?
*Minister of Malaysia 
Why ?
*I don't have any idea , hahaha :D
Singing or dancing ?
*both :D
       but i don't have any talent LOL ;(      

Your 5 types dream boys ?
1) He hav beautiful face like Yamada
2) he must easy going person :DDDD
3) totally , crazy like me wahh wahhh
4) not compare me with he ex girl lala
5) he must respect me and my friends 
If your friend and you bf
fall into the sea
who will your save ?
*wahh wahh
1) to save my friends i will call Super Yamada
coz them love too :DD
2) sorry dear ;( i don't know how to swim :((
you never teach me lol , haha *wink
3) I jump too hahaha
 You do love ?
1) Yamada Ryosuke 1st :DD
2) my mom and dadd :DDD
3) my hottest lesbo yeahhh :D
4) myspace lalalala 
5) facebook lalalala
6) massager lalalala
7) friendster lalalala
8) gossip gossip :D
9) shopping :DDD
10) schooling :DDD
11) see someone from
backdoor , haha 
12) chit chat :DDD
13) eating halal food :D
14) drinking halal drink 
15) shisha stawbery flavour :D

You do hate ?
1) devil :DD
2) backstabber :D
3) arrogant person :D
4) touching yeahh 
5 ) beautiful lies
handsome lies , haha
6) looking good ?
7) copycat , LOL
8) cigaratte 
9) drunk
10) clubbing
11) drugs 
12) israel 
13) damn foolish 
14) complaint
15) messy 
Your motto ?
*make your dream bigger
but make it alive :D 

Last question 
your dream ?
*spm 8A amin 
fly in blue cloudy FA :D
make my mom and dad happies
me and him have a own fairytale story*wink

thanks for reading
question created by Suhada Hassan :D

withlove*adda xoxo :D